i’m finding myself at the beginning.

i believe each stage of life is a fresh start, another chance to invent yourself/reinvent yourself/re-reinvent yourself, and i for one am thankful for the chance that each phase brings. beginnings are always my favorite, which explains why i am an obnoxiously enthusiastic morning person. i love the newness of early morning, a clean slate on which to write my day. i love the first day of school, with its anticipatory jitters and cautious smiles and freshly sharpened pencils. i love new year’s eve; the sweet sadness of another year gone, and the promises and expectations for the year ahead. the first day of a week at the beach, with the knowledge that you have six more days to relax and enjoy. the first sip of a cup of coffee. a blank notebook. slipping a new magazine out of the mailbox.

tiny little commencements like these, insignificant as they are, hold so much of my heart.

and now i am at yet another beginning, one that is brand new to me. at the age of 22, i am a recent college graduate on the hunt for a job. not even a job, but the beginning of my career. i’m living at home with my family until i can earn enough to move out; the beginning of  my independence. i’m currently waiting to hear back about a tutoring opportunity in Austria; the beginning of an endless series of decisions and experiences that will shape my life from now on.

i don’t typically write like this, at least not in a public forum, but i wanted this blog to have a good beginning, and to give whoever may read it a peek into who i am and where i am at this point in time. most of my posts will include links to things i love, uploads of drawings, and pictures – mostly of coffee. i drink a lot of coffee. hopefully (fingers crossed) most posts in the semi-near future will be coming from Austria, where I hope to be in a few months to be an English tutor. until then, snippets of my everyday will have to do.

i love my little life and all of its beginnings. i’m ready to go. come with me?

 taylor elyse


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