i gotta have you


1-6: i’m not sure who i wanted this girl to be, but i love her. most of my drawings start out with the expectation that they will look one way, but they almost always take on a life of their own and become someone else entirely. she’s fictional, but i wish i actually knew someone who looked like this. she’s cute as a button, probably artistic, and maybe a lounge singer at a cocktail bar in NYC. i love her hair. it’s almost michael jackson circa 1984, but as a die-hard m.j. fan (RIP KING OF POP), i’m super ok with that.

7: the beginnings of a portrait of one of my dearest childhood friends. this is a really different style from what i usually do; i tend to lean more towards illustration than realistic drawing. but after having coffee with her a few weeks ago, i felt inspired to try to capture her pretty self in a drawing. i’m not happy with it yet; it doesn’t look enough like her. it’s a work in progress.

hope you liiike, thanks for visiting! more soon!



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