off to the races

i’m a music snob. like in a big way. i love music: i live by it, i breathe it in, it fuels everything i do. as such, i’m super selective. and not really with genre, because i crave a bit of everything from pop to soul to country to good ol’ indie/alternative. i’ve just got a certain ear, and i’m definitely (overly) opinionated when it comes to who’s talented and who’s not (oh so many names i could put here! eeeeee too many).

when i first heard Lana Del Rey, i literally (no) clawed out my eardrums and wept for the loss of recognizable talent on American radio. her bizarrely baritone voice was seriously shocking, and not in a Karen Carpenter way. it was gross. and also she’s super weird. like SUPER WEIRD. needless to say i was pretty loud in voicing my displeasure upon hearing her music. and i was very sure i was right. and usually about music i am (no).

until today.

there wasn’t really an epiphany of any kind; i didn’t wake up singing one of her songs or anything. basically, some random facebook friend posted a song of hers, and i decided to give it another shot for some unknown reason…and i kind of fell in love. so much so that i think she might be some sort of musical genius? in like a scary, deep-voiced, botoxed-lips sort of way? ANYWAY I KIND OF LOVE HER SO SHUT UP. she makes me want to make something cool, and that’s gotta be a thing, right?

so you go, Lana. you keep doing weird interviews and looking really creepy when you perform. i’m eating it up.

p.s. posts about actual things and people that i actually know coming this week, including my dear friend’s wedding!



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