love love loves

just a few favorites from around the interwebs this past month!

1. kara’s apartment tour on her blog I Just Might Explode.




i have serious affection towards tiny apartments, and hers is intensely adorable. she really uses the limited space and transforms it into a sweet little nest! i am a brand-new follower of her blog, and i seriously recommend it. she’s creative and sweet, and her posts are a joy to read!

2. this little assembly of items from Design Muse.

she has the best way of putting unique items together to make a distinct look. i SO want that portrait!

3. this sweet post from The Joyeful Journey about how the Lord knows us, loves us, and is there in our moments of need.

4. Liz of srslyliz and her boyfriend getting back together.

i think this makes me really creepy. but when you’ve been reading someone’s blog for a few years, you get really attached and feel like you have a faraway friend, even if you’ve never spoken. does that make sense? or is it just actually creepy? don’t answer that…anyway, they’re the cutest, and i’m happy for her!

5. Katie’s cutie baby, Phoebe. i love her.


happy wednesday to you!



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