don’t speak

this weekend i got to celebrate the birthdays of 3 incredible girls, my best friends.

their actual birthdays aren’t until next week but we had an EXTREMELY lucky weekend together, so we took full advantage!

the evening started out with literally the best meal of all time (at Home 231 in Harrisburg for you locals), which i was WAY too busy enjoying to take pictures of. we ate and drank and ate some more, including the restaurants’ fresh, homemade old-fashioned donuts for dessert. AH! the third birthday girl unfortunately couldn’t make it to dinner, but afterwards we headed back to my house and met up and spent the rest of the night laughing and baking cookies. the perfect celebration, if you ask me!

i made each of the girls a birthday card, but being the silly girl i am i only remembered to get a picture of one of them! you like?? the bunting is made out of little pieces of my new washi tape from Anthropologie! i just love that stuff.

to Kendra, Alex, and Jo – happy birthday to my favorite girls, may 23 be your best year yet.



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