good girl, babette

hi there!
it’s been a while, due mostly to the newest addition to our family, our french bulldog Babette.
is she not the sweetest?? she’s a time-stealer for sure, i’ve hardly been able to get a thing done while keeping my eye on this little cutie.
meanwhile, i’ve been brainstorming and planning to open my very own etsy shop in the near future…thoughts?? advice? it would be comprised mostly of my handmade/illustrated cards, and perhaps a few prints once i am able to do more research on where to get things printed, the best kind of paper to use, etc. again, i’d appreciate any feedback! leave me a comment on here or message me on facebook.
in the meantime, some recent work:
a gift and card sent to a dear friend.
a baby shower card for my best friend and her daughter, charlie mae, who is still cookin and will arrive in february!
life is so very good.

2 thoughts on “good girl, babette

  1. I check back a couple times a week on your blog! Love your sketches & the sweet posts you share! Keep blogging ๐Ÿ™‚

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