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Today was one of the rare days I have during the week to do NOTHING – no work, no plans, no obligations except to work on creative things. If you are a lazy person like myself, you will know that even making fun, creative goals like drawing or blogging or setting up an Etsy shop proves difficult and need some persuasion to get out of bed. I have purposed myself to get better at this, and today I have reached that goal! Small victories, people…

I spent the day in my little art corner on the floor in my room (note to self: buy a desk), planning a myriad of things from a budget to help me move out in the near future (it’s looking like 199never) to ways I can make blogging more of a priority without stressing myself out (doesn’t take much). And while independent living is little more than a pipe dream for now, I have come up with a weekly blogging schedule to help keep myself on track, as well as to help eliminate the feeling of having no clue what to write about.

SO. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Sundays: “Sunday, Lovely Sunday” :: Bits and pieces of lovely things I’ve found from other blogs that I follow, including everything from home decor to illustration to daily living. I follow some pretty inspiring people, so be excited!

Mondays: “What’s New?” :: New artwork I’ve done, completed or works-in-progress, and recent photos. I feel like this is a good way to hold myself accountable to constantly be making something new, as well as to get my stuff out there!

Wednesdays: “Pinned Ya Again.” :: Various pretties from Pinterest, which is basically my favorite pastime. Bonus points if you can guess where I got my title from.

Fridays: “Breakfast Club” :: No longer will this only be one of my favorite movies. These posts will include a morning time photo and whatever happens to be on my mind at the time.  I’m really excited for this one, since morning happens to be my favorite time and one that ALWAYS includes coffee.

Thoughts? I hope you like them, because I think i do!

And since today is Sunday, it is in fact the very first Sunday, Lovely Sunday! Here’s a few lovelies from around the blog world recently:

1. Meredith from One Sheepish Girl‘s “Weekend Plans” posts are the cutest, first of all because her picture set-ups are so creative and sweet, and second of all because even her plans are cute. I’d love to hang out with this girl and learn some better crocheting/knitting skills!


2. It’s hard to pick a favorite blog out of the many that I follow, but I think James’ Bleubird might be just that. Her “Bits & Pieces” series is one of my favorites to read.


3. I just discovered this blog today via Bleubird (above); this woman takes pictures of her kids and their daily lives every day, and my goodness they are precious! Go visit Georgia at Documenting Delight.

4. As a photographer and writer, Katie Stratton of Katie’s Pencil Box can do no wrong in my eyes. I’ve followed her blog for several years now and just recently found out that she is a contributor to Kinfolk magazine (which you need to subscribe to IMMEDIATELY – you won’t be sorry).


5. Emma from A Beautiful Mess recently got engaged, and their adorable story can be found on she and her sister Elsie’s equally adorable blog.

That’s all I’ve got for now, friends. Enjoy! Have a beautiful, cozy Sunday evening. Leave me some comments, any thoughts are appreciated!


(P.s. The photo at the top is from New Year’s Eve, when my best friends and I made coconut macaroons! You can find the recipe in the December issue of Martha Stewart Living – they are so yummy!)


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