breakfast club

…sort of.


My “breakfast” was late, and this post obviously even later, due mostly to one Babette the Frenchie. Sometimes this little one commands more attention than one may want to give, but when ^ this ^ face is staring at you, what can you do, really?

In addition, my actual breakfast was scrambled eggs…Have you ever tried to take a picture of scrambled eggs? Absolutely foul. So I left those out, and included instead a late morning treat (with coffee, of course).

DSC_0205 DSC_0210 DSC_0211

The combination of coffee and biscotti is pretty close to perfection.

Oh, and I had my first Etsy sale 🙂 More items coming this weekend!



2 thoughts on “breakfast club

  1. That sweet puppy face… I think those tiny little teeth are just the cutest! (as weird as that is for me to admit :)) I LOVE your new rotation of themes for the week!

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