oh no.

Yes friends, it’s true. I dropped the ball on my “Sunday, lovely Sunday” post yesterday. I have no excuse besides extreme laziness….

But today is Monday, and that means that i will do my Sunday and Monday posts both TODAY. So, here goes numero uno. 

Sunday/Monday, lovely Sunday/Monday/whatever.

Aka, blog posts that are cute and that i like and that maybe you will too:

delicious heart shaped donut recipe

1. Sugar and Cloth is a super pretty blog that I am a new follower of. (Was that sentence grammatically correct? I don’t know.) Just look at those little heart-shaped donuts! 

happy 2013

2. I love everything that Annalea of Hope and Honey writes, and this post was especially good. Simple and thought-provoking; a good reminder. 


3. I recently found this parenting blog by Glennon, and though I’m quite a ways from being a parent myself, I love reading her stories. She is hysterical, seriously. Visit Momastery if you want a good laugh!

Fine and Feathered Candle

4. Josie over at Fine and Feathered shared the homemade gifts she gave to her loved ones for the holidays this year: beeswax jar candles and homemade vanilla extract! Adorable, right?

And that’s it for now, friends…PROMISE by tonight I will have my Monday “What’s New?” post up, as well as a few new cards added to the shop. 

Thanks for reading my silly little thoughts 🙂



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