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Oh friends, it’s Sunday, Lovely Sunday and I am finally getting to post this week! One thing they don’t tell you about grown-up life is that a lot of times you have to do things that are necessary instead of things that are fun. You might not have to do homework anymore, but you still have to do things you don’t always want to, like work and making a budget and not going on that impulsive shopping spree.

On the other hand, you know what you don’t have to do? Algebra. You never have to do algebra. So all in all it’s a pretty fair trade.

Anyway, there have been SO many lovely things in blog land this week, so here we go:

Little Big Books review

1. Amanda from Wit & Whistle designs adorable cards and paper goods, so naturally I am quite a fan of hers. She recently posted about Little Big Books, a collection of illustrations from various children’s books. I actually cannot stress enough how much I NEED THIS BOOK.

2. I shared Meredith’s blog last time, and I’m sure I will continue to because she is just that cute. This week she shared some pretty shopping finds, including these handkerchiefs.

3. I love Joye of The Joyeful Journey, and I love this nursery she created for her newborn. It’s soft and bright, with plenty of homemade things for new eyes to look at.

Freunde von Freunden — Zora Mann — Artist, Apartment & Studio, Kreuzberg, Berlin  — http://www.freundevonfreunden.com/interviews/zora-mann/

4. Freunde von Freunden is a new read to me, but one that is seriously like discovering a hidden treasure. They are an “international interview magazine” that photographs and interviews various creative-type people from all over the world in their homes and workplaces. I wasted enjoyed a good part of today going through their site instead of writing this post, which is why it will be published on the very tail end of Sunday. (It still counts).

Hope you enjoy visiting these lovely people as much as I did! If you have favorite blogs/posts of your own, leave me a comment so I can read too 🙂


xo t.elyse


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