goodnight grace

:: Listen to Citywide Rodeo by The Weepies ::

Oh hello! It’s Wednesday, and that means pretty things from Pinterest! 


(1. This is just a little piece of bright, floral heaven.)


(2. These girls. This show. I just can’t even.)

Be in love.

(3. A good reminder!)

coffee cup NEED!

(4. I just…I just need this.)

The Settle Down Jar: Tell child they need a break and may come back when everything has "settled down."

(5. Fellow education people and moms will appreciate this…It’s called a “settle down” jar. When little ones need a moment, you shake the jar and set it on the table, and when everything has “settled” inside the jar, they are allowed to come back to the activity. Genius. And it’s sparkly, so.)

Have a lovely Wednesday! Promise I will do my best to be more consistent! And, more items coming to the shop soon. Yay!

xo t.elyse


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