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I’ve been gone so long, and I’ve been super sad that I haven’t been able to keep up with my posting schedule. 

But the reason for my prolonged absence is, in fact, a great one, and definitely worth a few weeks of internet M.I.A.-ness. Starting next week, I am officially a full-time preschool teacher! 

The past few weeks have been spent emailing, phone calling, and interviewing, and I am so excited that I’m finally getting to start my career. My God answers prayers!

Even though things have been crazy, I knew I needed to make some Valentine’s cards for the shop! I plan on making a few more, or maybe a lot more…Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, and I like to celebrate it as much as I can. I realize that a lot of people think it’s stupid – too commercial, too cheesy, too sad for anyone without a significant other. Well….sucks to be those people, because any day you get to put hearts and pink glitter everywhere is a great day in my book. Anyway, hopefully more on that soon. 

The photo at the top is of a few Valentine’s sketches, some of which I made into cards and are now in my shop! The next two are of an illustration sketch, and then in card-form. I still haven’t mastered how to duplicate my own sketches! They always end up looking different than the original. 


Thank you to all my sweet friends and family, for reading my blog and supporting my shop. You are the cutest for taking the time to indulge me and all my quirks.

xo t.elyse



2 thoughts on “Honey

  1. Ahh! 1. I miss you and your adorable hand-drawn cards! 2. You are going to be preschool a teacher?! I started as one a month ago (at the same place as Sarah Davies!) I teach one and a half year olds. What age are you going to have? I am so excited for you! God does indeed always provide for us. 🙂

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