So, I don’t have any pictures of artwork, but for now can I just talk about my life and ignore the fact that I haven’t been here in ages?


It is Friday and it’s sunny and finally starting to feel like Spring. (Spring snowstorm please pass over me and the residents of Pennsylvania, amen.) I am so so happy that it’s the weekend, and that I get to spend it with some of my favorite friends. I am also beyond excited that I am just about finished unpacking/decorating my new place! The walls are a bit sparse, and my living room has a gaping hole where a coffee table should be, but friends, adult life is good. I PAY MY BILLS, Y’ALL. Do you remember the first time you got water/electric/gas bills addressed to you? Because that just happened to me this week, and it is crazy weird, and a little bit painful, but also awesome…I am easily pleased. This week I have finally gotten back to sketching (I use that word freely, as it’s really nothing more than glorified doodling), and it feeeels so gooooood. Etsy shop update soon? SURE, why not?? Especially since I’ve been listening to some new (or just new to me) musikz that make my heart happy, liiiike….

1. Tegan and Sara – Love They Say 

2. New Navy – Breathe (Telepopmusik Cover)

3. Bowerbirds – Tuck The Darkness In

 4. Beyonce – Schoolin Life

 5. Beach House – Other People

 I know that’s quite the eclectic mix, but listen to them! They are just GOOD.

Stay tuned for updates here and in the shop SOON.



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