little things

Happy Sunday, friends!


Let me tell you a story about simple joys.

This past week started out not so great, as I came down with a nasty cold and subsequently felt pretty horrendous. It sucks for everyone to have to work when you’re sick, but I’m going to step out on a limb here and say that those of us who work with kids have it especially rough. My reasoning is that little ones don’t really care if you are sick; they need your attention, your care, and your love regardless of how you are feeling that day! This unintentional selfishness only adds to the sweetness of kiddos, in my opinion, but it does make it really hard when you are feeling miserable. I felt like I was failing my kids with my Sick Teacher persona, and I was generally disgruntled because being sick is the worst, obvs.

However, Friday came along and I was feeling so much better. It was like I had energy and revitalization breathed into my lungs (although that could have been helped along by the Vicks that I slathered on my chest that morning). The first day of feeling better after you’ve ben sick for a few days is one of the best feelings ever, and it always makes me immensely thankful that I am not sick very often. So I decided to share my joy with my preschool friends during our Circle Time. I told them that I was thankful that I was feeling better, that I got to spend the day with them, and that it was Friday, and then I asked them to each share something they were thankful for that morning. I got a range of responses from “My four-wheeler!” to “Um, one time, I went to the beach and I went in the ocean and I like the beach and my Daddy was there too and…” (Four-year-old attention span, holla!) But one of my buddies looked at me very sweetly and said, “I’m thankful that you feel better.” ARROW THROUGH HEART.

After that, the rest of my Friday went swimmingly. Sharing my joy with my friends multiplied theirs, and I had love and enthusiasm to spare. We watched a movie and made art creations and a lovely time was had by all.

God is good, everybody, and his Spirit is sweet.

As always, thank you so much for visiting, and feel free to leave me comments below! I kind of love it when you do. Also, let me know what you’d like to hear more about – my latest illutration projects, teacher life, fun things I find in Internet-land…I LOVE writing but sometimes my idea well runs a bit dry, so I’d love input.

xo t.elyse


3 thoughts on “little things

  1. kids r amazing. just when u think they aren’t paying the least bit of attention, they astound u by sweet comments like that! glad u r feeling on the mend!

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