death and all his friends


Sometimes life has different plans than the ones you had for yourself.

At this time last year, I could never have known the ups and downs that were headed my way. I could never have known that I would experience love’s greatest joy and grief’s deepest despair. I couldn’t have predicted that some of my dreams would come true, while others would fail or fall completely out of place.

Would I have wanted to?

In the course of a year I have done, seen, and heard many things.

I made new friends.

I traveled.

I learned hard lessons.

I made wrong choices.

I fell in love.

I lost hope.

And most recently, I saw death.

My Pop-Pop passed away on Tuesday, June 24th, 2014. The loss of my sweet, selfless, wise-cracking grandfather marked my first brush with the deep-rooted grief that comes only when someone close to you is no longer there. I learned that Cancer is greedy and fast, and that it doesn’t care how loved you are. Death doesn’t play favorites.

This has been a year. And time will pass and conflicts will resolve and situations will improve. But sometimes you have a year, and sometimes you aren’t the same afterwards.

Do you get what I’m saying?

Sometimes you just aren’t the same.

❤ t.elyse



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