technology and recent happenings

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to technology, I’m sort of pathetically helpless. And by “technology” i mean basic computer functions and skills. Typically I upload photos from my camera by putting my memory card in the little drive in my Mac, but recently it has decided not to work. It’s probably something stupid of my own doing, and you really don’t need to hear about it. Basically all of that to say that I’ve had certain blog posts planned centered around photos that are on said memory card, and it’s clearly not working out. So as a change of plans, I’ve decided to upload some of my phone photos and share some of my favorite summer memories.

Yay? Thanks for humoring me, friends and fam, and reading my pointless nothings and viewing my pointless pictures. I love you all way too much. Here goes!


Sidewalk chalk is the best medium for summer.


I’m so thankful for captured memories like this one to remember my sweet Pop-Pop by.


That one time my bathing suit broke while I was crossing the street. Because why not. 


That time shortly thereafter when I burned off all my skin. 


This magical rainbow wall!


There aren’t many things better than ice cream on the boardwalk.


An overly crowded car coming home from the beach resulted in an unexpected train ride home from Philly. I didn’t mind so much 🙂


Never a good combination. Even if it is Independence Day. Even if you do live in ‘Merica.


I love doing commissioned art projects for sweet friends! This was not the finished project…It looked much less like an octopus at the end, don’t worry. 


Sometimes kiddos want to build Noah’s Ark with playing cards. Who am I to say no??


What up, prehistoric animals??


I love weekends spent in Ithaca, NY with my best friends and this little ice-cream-lovin sweetie!


And this one. He’s new, and kind of a big deal. 


Butterfly Day at Ashcombe’s Farm.


This baby cow is possibly the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. 


Oh wait, but look at this pig. AND THE TOMATO IN HIS MOUTH.


Um, and look at this cow. I love field trips to the farm. 


I mean…does it get sweeter than this?


Oh wait. It does. Because this girl and her ice cream.


My dear friend Michael and his gorgeous bride on their happiest day!


At the beautiful barn reception with mah girlz.


My newly-decorated classroom! Our theme this year is “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” 🙂 I’ll take more pictures and show the whole classroom one of these days!


A gorgeous oasis at Colonel Denning State Park.


And finally, what better way to usher in Autumn than with a Pumpkin Spice Latte? (Note the 1/2 pump of syrup…I don’t know how people drink them with any more than that. If you can’t taste the espresso, it’s too sweet.)

There were so many more summer memories that I didn’t share, but I thought this was a fun little peek into the past few months. I’m so looking forward to everything that Autumn brings.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

❤ t.elyse


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